Voyage into Destiny by Robert Taylor

Voyage into Destiny by Robert Taylor

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In May 1941, the brand-new Kriegsmarine Battleship "Bismarck": accompanied by the Battle Cruiser "Prinz Eugen" leave The Norwegian Fjords under the protection of Me109's of JG77.

Three days later in the Battle of Denmark Straits in her first action, Bismarck sunk the British Battleship HMS Hood and badly damaged the Prince of Wales. This bought the wrath of the Royal Navy onto the Battle Group.

On May 27th a short nine days since she started her first voyage the Bismarck was sunk by a Royal Navy battle group. This followed the jamming of Bismarck's rudder by a torpedo strike from a Fleet Air Arm Swordfish flying off the "Ark Royal" carrier.

Three signature Limited Edition and Artist Proof available.

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