Abbeville Boys by Robert Taylor

Abbeville Boys by Robert Taylor

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"Abbeville Boys" a tribute to Adolf Galland. Adolf Galland took command of 111/JG-26 fighter wing in June 1940, quickly he transformed JG-26 into a premier formation know to the opposing RAF fighter pilots as the "Abbeville Boys"

Adolf Galland was an exceptional Fighter Ace, his natural talent as a fighter leader and great tactician quickly earned him promotion through to Genera, becoming the youngest General in the German Armed Forces. At thirty he was promoted to the German High Command and assumed responsibility for all day and night fighters.

Galland achieved over 100 air victories on the Western Front against some of the top aces in the RAF and USAAF.

Remarque, Artist Proof, a rare, limited edition signed by Galland and Krupinsky and regular Limited Edition available.

Print size 36" x 25"


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