Air Armada by Robert Taylor Double Remarque

Air Armada by Robert Taylor Double Remarque

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Planning for the invasion of Britain the Luftwaffe first attacked coastal convoys in the English Channel, to draw the RAF into an attrition war. The RAF largely held back to conserve fighters for fighting over England where they had more advantage. 

On August 12th the Luftwaffe threw all their resources from Norway, the Low Counties and France against RAF Fighter Command forward fighter bases and Radar stations. For the next seven days Fighter Command pilots flew constantly to almost exhaustion. The fighting culminated on August 18th which became known as the "Hardest Day" 

Air Armada shows Heinz Barr the Luftwaffe's highest scoring NCO Ace during the Battle of Britain and one of the top Luftwaffe Aces of WWII leading Me109's of JG51 to escort Do17's of KG76 outbound to attack RAF Fighter Command airfields.

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