Bridge at Remagen by Robert Taylor

Bridge at Remagen by Robert Taylor

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This Bridge at Remagen is a three print set, the set comprises the main print Bridge at Remegen and two companion print, Night Interceptor and Pre Flight Briefing. The U.S. Army established a bridge head over the Rhine using the Ludendorff bridge at Remagen. After the charges meant to destroy the bridge failed to detonate.

Hitler had ordered German troops to prevent at all costs a crossing of the Rhine into Germany. On news of the crossing at Remagen Hitler threw everything at stopping the bridge head and destroying the bridge. This included V2 rockets, underwater frogmen and all aircraft at the Luftwaffe disposal. The print shows Luftwaffe new jets the Me262 and Arando 234 bombers attacking the bridge. The main print is signed by Herbert Altner, Hans-Georg Batcher, Erich Rudorffer, Heinz Haeffner and Heinz Unrau.

The folio set also includes a very rare matted folio proof only 50 were released of Johannes Steinhoff in his Me262, with his signature in the matting.

Editions Available:

  • Folio Proof set
  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition
  • Separate matted Folio of Steinhoff in his Me262, Presentation Copy

Print size, main print 34" x 25". companion prints Night Interceptor and Pre-Flight Breifing 17" x 13", Steinhoff Me262 matted 16" x 12"

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