Swansong by Robert Taylor

Swansong by Robert Taylor

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By 1944 Gunther Rall was back on the Western Front. Rall flew in the Battle of Britain, Crete and Rumania before being transferred to the Eastern Front. Gunther Rall flew a staggering more than 800 missions. Despite a long period of immobility after breaking his back during a crash landing, Rall was the third highest scoring Ace in the Luftwaffe behind only Barkhorn and Hoffman. 

In the final days of the war flying the long nosed Focke Wulf 190D Gunter Rall and his wingman at very high-altitude dive into attack against ever swarming P-51 Mustangs. The print is signed by Gunter Rall.

Editions Available:

  • Remarque
  • Publishers Proof
  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition

Print Size, 33" x 24"

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