Special Duties by Robert Taylor

Special Duties by Robert Taylor

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The Ju52 was the workhorse of the Luftwaffe, in multiple roles carrying paratroopers, transportation supplies and ammunition, troop evacuation and special duties. Losses were high, over 4,800 were built but at the end of the war fewer than fifty remained. In one operation alone, the evacuation from Tunisia over four hundred were lost.

The print illustrates a Ju52 high over the Dolomites on a special duty transporting members of the High Command. Below stretch the mountains in the early evening sun, above on escort duty are Me109's of JG-53.

The print is signed by five Ju52 pilots with hundreds of combat missions and two fighter pilots Hurbert Kaiser with 68 victories and Gunter Seeger with 56.

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Print Size, 35" x 24"

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