Sighting the Bismarck by Robert Taylor

Sighting the Bismarck by Robert Taylor

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On May 24th, 1941 the Bismark sunk the Hood in the Denmark Straights, the hunt was immediately on for Bismarck. A day later Bismarck was spotted by a Catlina of RAF Coastal Command.  Her position known she was attacked by Swordfish from Ark Royal; her rudder was jammed by a torpedo strike, unable to maneuver her fate was sealed.

The print shows the Catalina pulling away from anti-aircraft fire from Bismarck as she radios the position to Fleet. The print is signed by four seamen from the small number who survivors, Hans Hellwig, Johannes Zimmermann, Joseph Statz and Karl-August Landfermann. 

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Print Size, 33" x 24"


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