"Knights Move" by Robert Taylor - Veterans edition with companion print

"Knights Move" by Robert Taylor - Veterans edition with companion print

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"Knights Move" the eight signature veterans edition with companion pencil print "Borne on Eagles Wings" sign by an additional two Luftwaffe Aces.

Supply convoys from the UK to Russia started in late 1941 following Churchills promise to Stalin to send convoys every 10 days. The Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe were quick to respond ordering Tirpitz and a naval task force to Norway with significant fighter cover.

'Knights Move" illustrates Tirpitz in company with the Battleships Scherr and Hipper setting out from their base in the Norwegian Fjords to the North Atlantic convoy routes. Overhead cover is provided by Me109's of JG5 based out of Petsamo.

The main print is signed by two Kriegsmarine officers who served on the Tirpitz, Arnold Schroeder and Willibald Volsing together with six Luftwaffe pilots, Ernst Scheufele, Eric Rudorffer, Hajo Hermann, Heinz Kern, Edmund Rossmann and Gunther Scholz.

The pencils companion print "Borne on Eagles Wings" is signed by two Luftwaffe pilots, Gunther Kolb and Walter Schuck.

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