Peacefull Anchorage by Robert Taylor remarque

Peacefull Anchorage by Robert Taylor remarque

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Peacefull Anchorage depicts Germany's East Asiatic squadron at anchor at a Pacific Island before the outbreak of war in 1914. The squadron comprised two large and three light Cruisers.

When war broke out the squadron based in Tsingtan China moved to the coast of Chile. They encountered a smaller Royal Navy force and Admiral Graf Spee achieved a decisive victory. The Royal Navy acted quickly engaging the German East Asiatic squadron off the Falkland's. Admiral Graf Spee's flagship Scharnhorst was sunk with the loss of all the crew, in addition Leipzig, Nurnberg and Gneisenau were sunk. Dresden escaped but was subsequently scuttled in Chile. The names of some of these lost ships reappeared in the Kriegsmarine in WWII.

The print comes with a companion print "Scharnhorst at Anchor" depicting Graf Spees flagship.

Print Size, 33" x 23".


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