Russian Roulette by Robert Taylor

Russian Roulette by Robert Taylor

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After Stalingrad the War in the East gradually turned in Russia's favor. Around the same time the Russians introduced the Yak3, this was to prove to be a very good fighter plane well capable of taking on the Luftwaffe Bf109.

The print illustrates the Russian tactic of head on attacks, using the Yak3 to directly confront Bf109's. At low altitude the Yak3 could outmaneuver a Bf109. The print is signed by Arseny Vasil'yevitch Vorozheikin, Konstantine Mikhailovitch Treshyov, Johannes Steinhoff, Gunther Rall Joseph Risso and Jacques De Saint Phalle.

A companion print is included with the Publishers Proof Edition, a tribute to the Free French volunteers. Flying with the Russian Airforce they became known as Squadron Normandie- Niemen. The print depicting the Squadron Normandie taking off is signed by Squadron pilots and their Russian ground crews, 

Print Size, 33" x 24", companion 24" x 18"

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