Running the Gauntlet by Robert Taylor

Running the Gauntlet by Robert Taylor

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Adolf Galland was instructed to set up a fighter unit utilizing the revolutionary Me262. The unit JV 44 attracted top scoring Aces including Macky Steinhoff and Walter Krupinski. JV 44 became known as the squadron of experts, due to limited supply and Germany steadily been overrun they fought an uphill battle.

The Me 262 was very venerable to attack when landing and taking off, particular when landing. The plane had to slow down a lot for landing and at slow speed the handling was sluggish. Mustangs of the USAAF soon realized this and loitered to await the Me262's landing. The print shows a Mustang attacking an Me262 as it lands.

The War in Europe edition is signed by, Robin Olds, Clyde East, Don Strait, Donald Cummings, Walter Shuck, Eric Rudorffer, Alfred Ambs and Norbert Hannig. The Generals edition is signed by an additional four pilots, Jim Brooks, Adolf Galland, Bud Mahurin and Ernest Giefing.

The Portfolio Proof is additionally signed by Herschel Green and comes with a matted companion print of the concept drawing. In the matting are the signatures of, Johannes Steinhoff and Walter Krupinski.

Editions Available:

  • War in Europe Edition Remarque
  • Portfolio Proof with matted companion
  • Generals Edition Artist Proof
  • Generals Edition
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