Operation Bodenplatte remarque by Nicholas Trudgian

Operation Bodenplatte remarque by Nicholas Trudgian

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On New Years Day 1945 the Luftwaffe launched an attack on Allied airfields in France, Holland and Belgium. For the Luftwaffe it was a major effort to get 900 fighters into the air in a desperate strike to slow the Allied advance and help the Wehrmacht in the Battle of the Bulge. During the day the Luftwaffe lost over 300 aircraft while destroying approximately 200 Allied aircraft mostly on the ground.

Most Allied losses were planes on the ground which were almost immediately replaced. German losses were in the air with 143 pilots killed and a further 70 captured. The Luftwaffe would never recover from these losses in pilots and planes.

The print is signed by Helmut Bennemann, Werner Hohenberg, Walter Krupinski and Helmut Ballewski.

Print Size, 38" x 22"

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