Open Assault by Robert Taylor

Open Assault by Robert Taylor

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Open Assault shows Hurricanes attacking Ju87 Stuka dive bombers. The Stuka up to the Battle of Britain had gained a reputation as almost invincible. Up against RAF Spitfires and Hurricanes it was chopped from the Sky. 

The slow Stuka was an easy kill forcing the Luftwaffe to provide close escort and limit the use of the Ju87 during the battle. The print shows Stuka's over Dover being harried by Hurricanes as Me109's attempt to protect them.

The Collectors Edition print is signed by three RAF and three Luftwaffe pilots including Tony Pickering, Gunther Seeger and Eric Rudorffer. The Generals Edition is additionally signed by Johannes Steinhoff and Gunther Rall.

Editions Available:

  • Collectors Limited Edition
  • Collectors Artist Proof
  • Generals Edition

Print Size, 33" x 25"


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