Most Memorable Day by Robert Taylor

Most Memorable Day by Robert Taylor

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"Most Memorable Day" In June 1941 over Northern France Me109's of JG26 led by Adolf Galland intercept RAF Blenheim bombers escorted by Spitfires, Galland shot down two Blenheim's.

Later that day he took off alone and shot down a Spitfire escorting Blenheim's. He received hits from a second Spitfire, splinters injuring his head and arms. Galland was forced to bail out of his burning 109. This resulted in an order directly from Hitler to stop flying combat missions. Thus ended the "Most Memorable Day"

The main print "Most Memorable Day" depicts the combat in the morning between JG26 led by Galland and the escorted Blenheim's. The print is signed by Adolf Galland, Johannes Naumann, Gerhard Schopfel and Otto Stamberger.

One print has a matching numbered companion print "The Final Drawing" which has a handwritten and signed note by Robert Taylor describing the action over Northern France.

Editions Available:

  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition with matching numbered companion print
  • Limited Edition

Print Size, 33" x 25", companion 24" x 18"

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