JG 52 Graphite Edition

JG 52 Graphite Edition

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The Bf109 is the most successful fighter in history, with more air victories and piloted by all the highest scoring Aces, Hartmann, Krupinski, Rall, Reinert and Barkhorn. The pencil drawing of the Bf109 include in the matting a host of Luftwaffe Aces signatures.

The matted Eagles Edition comes with Luftwaffe pilot wings and the signatures of Ernst-Willhelm Reinert, Gunther Rall, Walter Krupinski, Herbert Ihlefeld, Dietrich Hrabak and Walter Wulfrum.

The matted Luftwaffe Tribute Edition and Studio Proof Editions includes the additional signatures of Erich Hartmann, Alfred Grislawski, Adolf Galland and Hajo Hermann. These combined signatures had a combined total of 1,519 victories.

Editions Available:

  • Eagles Editioning 
  • Tribute Edition/Studio ProofEdition

Matted Print Size Eagles Edition 17" x 17", Tribute Edition 19" x 17"

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