Headlong Into the Clash by Robert Taylor Double Remarque

Headlong Into the Clash by Robert Taylor Double Remarque

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A massive aerial battle near Ludwigslust in Northern Germany. A huge force of 900 B-17's escorted by nearly as many fighter escorts is going for Germanies last remaining refineries, storage depots and other strategic targets.

The Luftwaffe after its mauling during the New Years Day Operation Bodenplatte raid, had managed to assemble 200 fighters to counter the raid. The War in Europe Edition double Remarque illustrates a head on attack by JG300 and 301 with their Me109G's, through the bomber stream. The Luftwaffe lost an additional 161 fighters that day the highest number ever recorded, this would mark the end of the Luftwaffe challenging the Mighty Eighth.

The print is signed by seven Luftwaffe and USAAF pilots who flew in the final days of the War. The print comes with a matching numbered companion print "Fighter Escort"

Print Size, 32" x 24" companion 23" x 15"

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