Hartmann Tribute by Robert Taylor

Hartmann Tribute by Robert Taylor

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A tribute to the leading ace of all time Eric Hartman, portraying the shooting down of a Russian Stormovik ground attack aircraft. The Stormovik was a deadly attacker of Panzer armor and dreaded by tank crews The Stormovik had made a determined attack on the armour column in the background during the battle of Kuban.

On the ground the Russian crew evacuate their crash-landed plane while above Hartmann and his Scharwm make a low level pass in their Me109 G4's. The print is a tribute the  greatest fighter pilot of all time, whose record in aerial combat is never likely to be equaled. The print is signed by Erich Hartmann.

Editions Available:

  • Publishers Proof
  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition

Print Size, 33" x 25"

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