Eagles on the Channel Front

Eagles on the Channel Front

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In early 1941 the Luftwaffe was back up to full strength following the battle of Britain. The front-line squadrons strung out across northern France had been reequipped with Me109F's and the newly introduces remarkable Fw190A.

The RAF was intent on taking the war to the Luftwaffe with fighter sweeps over northern France to entice the Luftwaffe up to fight. During this period great air battles raged all along the Channel Front.

The print shows Luftwaffe pilots comparing notes after landing their recently introduced Me109F's with the new Fw109A taxing in the background. The print is signed by Gunter Seeger, Heinz Marquardt. Johannes Naumann, Erhard Nippa and Gerhard Schopfel.

The Commemorative Proof comes with the book "The First and Last" by Adolf Galland which is cased and has a bookplate signed by Adolf Galland.

Editions Available:

  • Commemorative Proof Remarque with book.
  • Commemorative Proof with book.

Print Size, 36" x 23"

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