Dual in the Dark by Robert Taylor

Dual in the Dark by Robert Taylor

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Night Fighter pilots required excellent flying skills combined with cunning to sneak up on their targets. As the air war at night progressed both sides developed ever more sophisticated detection systems.

The print portrays Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer Kommandeur of IV/NGG1, the top scoring Luftwaffe night fighter ace attacking a Lancaster of 106 squadron. Passing low under the Lancaster the Me110 pours cannon fire into the Lancasters wing and engines.

The Night Fighter Edition print is signed by Wolfgang Falk, Werner Hoffmann, Paul; Zorner, Gunther Bahr and Fritz Rumpelhardt.

The Remarqued Night-Fighter Edition comes with a companion print "Night Attacker" depicting an Me262 Night Fighter.

The Trilogy Proof comes with two companion prints "Night Attacker" and "Before the Storm" signed by Martin Drewes. This is in my opinion the best night fighter print Robert Taylor has done.

Print Size, 32" x 25" Night Attacker 17" x 13", Before the Storm 22" x 16"

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