Day Of The Fighter by Nicholas Trudgian remarque

Day Of The Fighter by Nicholas Trudgian remarque

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"Day of the Fighter" depicts Fw-190's of JG-1 over Holland in August 1943. Early in the morning German listening services picked up 375 B-17 and B-24's assembling to cross the Dutch coast enroute for Schweinfurt and Regensburg. When the limited range P-47 fighter escort turned back the Luftwaffe fighters made their attack. 

The fighting stretched all the way through Holland, Belgium and Germany and then all the way back to the coast. Without fighter escort the USAAF losses were devastating. In the Luftwaffe the action became known as "The Day of the Fighters" The print is signed by Adolf Glunz, Afred Grislawski and Gerhard Schopfell who all flew the Fw190 in the West.

Print Size, 35" x 24"

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