Prey for Mercy based on a Higher Call by John Shaw, Publishers Proof set

Prey for Mercy based on a Higher Call by John Shaw, Publishers Proof set

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Prey for Mercy portrays an event in December 1943, now made famous by the book "A Higher Call"  The stricken B-17 "Ye Olde Pub" piloted by Charles L. Brown and crew nearly met disaster after bombing Bremen, Germany. Catching the badly flak damaged B-17 out of a dive, Brown had no way of knowing he had leveled out above a fighter base at which Luftwaffe ace Franz Stigler’s Bf-109 had just been refueled & armed.


As the American bomber passed overhead, Stigler watched in anticipation as this easy prey would be not only be the 2nd B-17 he could claim that day, but add another ‘kill’ on his way to earning the coveted Knight’s Cross. After taking off in pursuit and catching "Ye Old Pub" Stigler saw the shock and trepidation of the helpless B-17 crew.

Conscience and honor over road his military duty, at the risk of his own execution, he escorted the wounded plane to the coast and on to safe passage back to England, saluting Brown and his astonished crew. Half a century later the 2 pilots would meet, and the former enemies would develop a friendship so close that Stigler would come to consider Brown to be as the brother he’d lost in the war.

This is a rare Publishers proof with all the original items issued with this edition as listed below. 

  • Franz Stigler autograph in display mount of Stigler's Bf-109 
  • Custom embroidered JG-27 Dancing Bear Luftwaffe Squadron badge.
  • Mini portrait of Frank Stigler by John Shaw for framing.
  • A large 20" wide companion print "Long First Mission" depicting the badly damaged "Ye Old Pub" on its return to England. 
  • A full-sized portrait of Franz Stigler from which the mini one to mount was derived. This full-size portrait contains a lot of narrative on Frank Stigler's life and background. Authenticated by a letter from John Shaw.
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