Rabaul - Fly for your Life by Robert Taylor

Rabaul - Fly for your Life by Robert Taylor

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In August 1943 in the South Pacific the First Marine Wing appointed Greg 'Pappy' Boyington to form a new squadron. The squadron was formed from a mix of experienced pilots and pure novices. This diverse crew became known as "The Black Sheep"

The Black Sheep distinguished themselves over Rabual a major Japanese base. In a period of three months, they recorded 273 Japanese aircraft damaged, 97 confirmed air victories and produced eight Aces. Boyington ultimately was shot down by a swarm of Zero's, he became a POW having scored 28 victories.

The Black Sheep Edition is signed by seven Black Sheep pilots, Bruce Matheson, Harry Johnson, Henry Bourgeois, Thom Emrich, Edwin Harper, Jim Hill and Fred Losch. It comes with a companion print which is a working drawing.

Prints Available:

  • Black Sheep Edition with companion (SOLD)
  • Black Sheep Edition Artist Proof with companion

Print Size, 36" x 23"

U.S. Pacific,
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