Attack On the Hiei by Robert Taylor

Attack On the Hiei by Robert Taylor

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The sinking of the Battleship Hiei by Marine and Navy flyers out of Guadalcanal. The Hiei was the first Japanese Battleship sunk in WWII following a close contact naval action the night before which left the Hiei with steering problems.

Joe Foss in an F4F Wildcat flying out of Henderson Field on Guadalcanal the morning after the battle to assess damage to US Naval ships sighted the damaged Hiei escorted by three destroyers. The Cactus air force scrambled TBF and SBD torpedo and dive bombers escorted by Wildcats to attack the Hiei. After absorbing ten torpedoes and 6 bombs the Hiei was scuttled.

The Hiei print is signed by Joe Foss, US Marine Medal of Honor winner and three of his Marine pilots who flew on the Hiei mission, Roger Haberman, Bill Freeman and T.W. 'Boot' Furlow.

The Millennium proof edition comes with the companion print "Corsair Recovery"

Available Editions Double remarque, Millennium Proof, Artist Proof and Limited Edition.

Print size 34" x 24" companion print 18" x 18"

U.S. Pacific,
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