Kursk, Cauldron of Fire by Nicholas Trudgian

Kursk, Cauldron of Fire by Nicholas Trudgian

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In the rolling grasslands of Kursk the largest tank battle in history unfolded. The Wehrmacht had delayed its assault on the Russian defensive positions to gain additional strength including the debut of the Panther tank. The Russians had more time to reinforce defensive positions. It was the turning point of the war in the East, the delay may have cost Germany the war in the East,

The pencil print portrays a Tiger tank moving past a disabled T-34 while ground support aircraft including Stuka's and Fw190 planes fly above. The print is signed by 15 Knights Cross winners, seven fighter pilots, three Stuka pilots and six tank commanders,

Fighter Pilots:

  • Hugo Broch
  • Hans-Ekkehard Bob
  • Gunther Rall
  • Eric Rudorffer
  • Walter Schuck
  • Walter Wolfrum
  • Otto Schultz

Stuka Pilots:

  • Hans Krohn
  • Wilhelm Noller 
  • Karl Spreitzer

Tank Commanders

  • Otto Carius
  • Gerhard Fischer
  • Albert Kerscher
  • Norbert Kujacinski
  • Wilhelm Weidenbruck

Print Size, 18" x 12"

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