Double Strike by Robert Tayor Double Remarque

Double Strike by Robert Tayor Double Remarque

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Yom Kippur 1973, in a surprise coordinated attack Egypt and Syria strike at Israel. Their air forces strike at Israeli Air Force (IAF) airfields and air defense installations. After the shock the IAF went on the offensive striking heavily defended Egyptian air bases deep in the Nile Valley.

The IAF made simultaneous attacks against Egyptian air bases at Mansoura and Tanta north of Cairo using F-4 Phantoms in a fighter-bomber mode. The first wave hit MIG-21's at Mansoura, Tanta was hit by multiple waves taking our Egyptian Mig-21's and Libyan MIG-5's. These attacks eliminated much of the operational strength of the Egptian and Libyan Air Force.

The print is signed by 14, IAF pilots and 4 navigators.

Print Size, 36" x 21"

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