Into the Teeth of the Wind by Robert Taylor

Into the Teeth of the Wind by Robert Taylor

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"Into the Teeth of the Wind" the Doolittle Commemorative Proof Edition. On April 18th 1942, barely four months after Pearl Harbor Jimmy Doolittle's B-25 lifts off the deck of USS Hornet. A further 15 crews will gun their engines and lift off on the first bombing run on Japan.

The B-25's were heavily modified to achieve the short carrier take off, with no way to land they headed for China after hitting Japan. The raid was a great moral booster to America and a wakeup call of what was to come for Japan.

The Limited Edition is signed by five Doolittle Raiders. The Doolittle Commemorative Proof Edition is a two-part set comprises the main print "Into the Teeth of The Wind" and a companion print "The Day Now Dawns" There are a total of 13 signatures of crews who took part in the raid and Tung-Sheng Liu who helped a crew evade Japanese capture in China and became an honorary Doolittle Raider. 

Editions Available:

  • Limited Edition
  • Commemorative Proof

Print Size, 30" x 24" companion 17" x 14"



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