Holding the Tide by Richard Taylor, double remarque

Holding the Tide by Richard Taylor, double remarque

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The Battle of Guadalcanal, the marines had invaded the Island and captured the airbase recently built by the Japanese now to be known as "Henderson field". Marine Wildcat and Dauntless aircraft landed on Henderson Field. Embarrassed by the loss the Japanese launched counter attacks against the field resulting in some of the most concentrated air engagements in the Pacific War.

The print shows Joe Foss of VMF-121 leading F4F Wildcats back to Henderson Field after another day of combat over Guadalcanal. In the three months it took to win the Island Joe Foss achieved a remarkable 26 victories.

The Collector's Edition double remarqued print is signed by four Wildcat pilots, Jim Sweet, Stanley 'Swede' Vejtasa, Leslie Fortner and Dean Laird.

Print Size, 32" x 24"


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