Holding the Line by Richard Taylor - Double remarque

Holding the Line by Richard Taylor - Double remarque

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"Holding the Line" by Richard Taylor illustrates Michael Whittmann and the Tiger Tanks of SS-Pz. Abt 101 moving up to the line through shattered French Villages immediately after D-Day. The column was under almost constant air attack making progress to Normandy slow. 

Michael Wittmann was one of the most successful German tank commanders, a veteran of Kursk and credited with the destruction of 138 enemy tanks. On August 8th 1944 Wittmann was killed during the British break out south of Caen Normandy likely by a Canadian Sherman Firefly tank, armed with the deadly 17 pound anti tank gun.

The print is signed by three veterans of Panzer units, Henry Metelmann, Heinz Fellbrich and Karl-Heinz Decker. The double sized remarque is of Whittmann and his crew on a Tiger Tank.

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