Flight Out Of Hell by Nicholas Trudgian remarque

Flight Out Of Hell by Nicholas Trudgian remarque

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"Flight Out Of Hell" portrays a PBY Catalina "Dumbo" that landed no less than four times under intense Japanese fire to rescue twenty five downed US flight crews from the 345th Bomb Group. The 345th Bomb Group had been pounding the heavily defended Japanese base at Kavieng.

The Catalina pilot Nathan Gordon was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for one of the bravest actions in the war in the Pacific. The print has a very nice and rare remarque of a PBY Catalina.

The print is signed by Nathan Gordon the pilot and John Bratley a PBY crew member during the rescue mission and two 345th Bomber Group members rescued that day, Bill Cavioli and Bob Lewis

Print Size, 34" x 24"

U.S. Pacific,
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