Fighting Tigers - A.V.G. Folio Edition

Fighting Tigers - A.V.G. Folio Edition

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With the US entering the war Chennault’s Flying Tigers became the 23rd Fighter Group assuming the mantle of the American Volunteer Group (AVG). flying P-40 Warhawks to defend the Burma Road in China. On its first day in action, 29 Flying Tigers pilots shot down 34 out of a force of 48 Japanese Zero's a wake up call for Japanese in China.

The print depicts the 23rd Fighter Group in combat with Japanese Nakajima fighters over Southern China in 1944. The AVG (American Volunteer Group) Folio Edition print comes with a small P-40 Warhawk printed remarque in the lower border and a pencil companion print “Tigers on The Prowl”

The print is signed by Tex Hill, John Alison, Don Lopez, Ed Rector, Wiltz Segura, Charles Older, Dick Rossi and Erik Shilling. All these pilots served with the AVG or 23rd Fighter Group.

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