Valor In The Pacific by Robert Taylor

Valor In The Pacific by Robert Taylor

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Valor in the Pacific illustrates the mighty B-29's homeward bound from a raid on Tokyo. Returning with many hours flying ahead of them over water to Saipan Island as their long-range Mustang escorts peel away.

The print is signed by four pilots who flew B-29 missions over Japan, Bob Morgan (of Memphis Belle fame) Ray Brasher, Chester Marshall and Henry Huglin. Bob Morgan was chosen to fly the first B-29 raid on Tokyo in November 1944, the other three pilots flew more that 100 missions between them.

The companion print "Fortress Under Attack" depicts Jay Zeamers B-17 under attack by two Mitsubishi fighters in the South Pacific in June 1943. The print is signed by Jay Zeamer Medal of Honor winner and Red Irwin the only B-29 crewman to receive the Medal of Honor which was awarded for Outstanding Bravery.

Editions Available:

  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition

Print Size, 34" x 25", companion 18" x 14"


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