Midway Strike Against Akagi by Robert Taylor

Midway Strike Against Akagi by Robert Taylor

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In one of the greatest naval victories, the Japanese carrier fleet was decimated in the Battle of Midway. The battle started badly with the slow Devastator torpedo bombers annihilated by the Zero CAP. Yamamoto learning of the presence of a U.S. Carrier from reconnaissance rearmed his planes for carrier attack cancelling a further attack on Midway Island. High above after following a Japanese destroyer to locate the Japanese fleet the S.B.D Dauntless dive bombers from the carrier Enterprise start to dive on Akagi, catching the Japanese planes on deck rearming and fueling.

A superb rendition of the Dauntless with dive flaps extended dropping from the sky to attack Akagi. The Akagi, Admiral Yamamoto's flag ship and three other Japanese carriers were sunk that day. The Battle of Midway effectively halted Japanese expansion in the Pacific. Following the battle Japan was on the defensive until the end of the war.

The rare Publishers Proof edition comes with a matching numbered companion print "Midway - Eyes of the Pacific Fleet" depicting a PDY Catalinas reconnaissance plane.

Also available a Limited edition print with some scuff marks on the upper right-hand corner that would be great for framing - SOLD 

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