Midway Strike Against Akagi by Robert Taylor

Midway Strike Against Akagi by Robert Taylor

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"Midway Strike Against Akagi" by Robert Taylor Publishers Proof Edition #2/50 and the only edition with the companion print " Eyes of The Pacific Fleet" The companion print shows a Catalina PDY high above the Pacific sighting the Japanese fleet. The sighting was confirmed by a second PDY minutes later.  The sightings were relayed to Admiral Fletcher on the carrier Yorktown signaling the start of the "Battle of Midway"

In the outstanding victory off Midway the outnumbered US Navy flyers sunk half of the Japanese Navy carriers including the carrier "Akagi" Barely six months before the fleet aircraft from Akagi had sunk the "Arizona" in Pearl Harbor. The main print is truly a historic document signed by pilots who flew in the battle including Scott McCuskey and Dick Best.

After Midway the tide turned with the US relentlessly pushing the Japanese back to Japan, culminating in the Victory signed in Tokyo Harbor in 1945. The main print is signed by six famous pilots who flew in the Battle of Midway, Dick Best, Marion Carl, Robert Elder, Scott McCuskey, Bill Esders and Jack Reid.


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