Calm Before the Storm by Robert Taylor

Calm Before the Storm by Robert Taylor

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Dawn breaks on a quite Sunday morning in Hawaii, on board the Arizona with the supply ship Vestal alongside the crews are relaxing. Next week they will be hard at work preparing for sea. 

Within an hour as Japanese carrier based aircraft appear over Pearl Harbor the quite will be shattered by blaring klaxons as the storm arrives. A bomb from a Nakajima BFN Kate altitude bomber penetrated the Arizona's deck armor and explodes the forward magazine. Almost immediately a devastating blast rips through the Arizona taking the lives of nearly 1,200 men.

The main print is signed by four survivors from the Arizona, Louis Conter, Cleardon Hetrik, Joseph Langdell and Donald Gordon. A matching number companion print "The Way we Were" from the original working drawing is signed by Edward Wentzlaff a Arizona survivor who served on the Yorktown at the Battle of Midway, gaining some measure of revenge.

Editions available:

  • Double remarque (SOLD)
  • Single remarque

Print size, main print 34" x 22" companion print 24" x 13"

U.S. Pacific,
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