Biff Boys by Robert Taylor

Biff Boys by Robert Taylor

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The agile tough Bristol F2 Fighter, affectionately known as the 'BIFF" was the most successful fighter of the First World War. In November 1917 Lieutenant Andrew McKeever and his observer/gunner Laslie Powell in their Bristol F2b are flying a reconnaissance mission over Cambrai.

Thet encountered two enemy observation planes escorted by no fewer than seven Albatross D.V. scouts. In the ensuing combat McKeever and Powell managed to down one scout and three Albatross planes before having to head for the ground and back low to the allied lines. McKeever ended the war with thirty one victories all in the Bristol F2b.

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  • Artist Proof signed by Henry Allington then the oldest surviving veteran of WW1 at 112, also comes with matching number Camels on Patrol signed by Henry Botterell.

Print size, main print 31" x 24" companion print 21" x 15"

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