Dawn Patrol by Robert Taylor

Dawn Patrol by Robert Taylor

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“Dawn Patrol” illustrates Billy Bishop VC in his SE5A biplane flying with the 85 Squadron over Northern France in 1918. Billy Bishop a Canadian ended WWI with an incredible 72 victories and earned the Victoria Cross for gallantry while achieving three victories while attacking an enemy airfield at dawn.

Although he led 85 Squadron Billy Bishop preferred to fight has air combats single handed. His plane the SE5A was very stable and popular with WW1 pilots. It achieved fame in combat with Billy Bishop and also Albert Ball V.C and Mick Mannock who gained over 50 victories with the SE5A.

The print is signed by two WWI pilots who flew the SE5A, Robert Chidlaw-Roberts and Gwilym Lewis.

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  • Publishers Proof
  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition

Print Size, 31" x 24"

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