Bogeys Eleven O'clock by Robert Taylor

Bogeys Eleven O'clock by Robert Taylor

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On April 13th. 1943, sixteen P-38 Lightnings departed Henderson Field Guadalcanal. their mission to shot down Admiral Yamamoto. With the Japanese radio codes broken details of Yamamoto's tour of the Solomons were known.

Major John Mitchell led the mission navigating the 420-mile circuitous route and flying at very low level to avoid detection. On time they arrived at the Island of Bougainville and Dan Canning the first to spot Yamamoto's plane broke silence with the words "Bogeys Eleven O'clock High"

Two "Betty" bombers were shot down, the one carrying Yamamoto by Rex Barber along with the three escorting Zero's. Major John Mitchell radioed Mission Completed and they headed home, having completed one of the most daring missions and avenging Yamamoto's victory at Pearl Harbor.

The main print is signed by nine of the pilots who flew the mission, Rex Barber, John Mitchell, Roger Ames, Doug Canning, Delton Goerke, Larry Graebener, Besby Holmes, Jack Jacobson and Louis Kittel.

The Publishers Proof edition comes with a companion print "The Back Room Boys"

Editions available:

  • Publishers Proof with companion print The Back Room Boys
  • Artist Proof
  • Limited edition SOLD

Print Size, main print 38" x 24", companion print 24" x 18"


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