"Against All Odds" by Robert Taylor

"Against All Odds" by Robert Taylor

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"Against All Odds" during the Battle of the Atlantic close to 3,000 merchant ships were sunk by U-Boats but at a terrible cost. Over 500 U-Boats captains were lost with over 30,000 men. The U-Boat sailors were among the bravest fighters in WWII, pressing attacks against appalling odds in the later years on the War their bravery was of the highest order.

"Against All Odds" depicts a U-Boat caught on the surface by a PBY Catalina of the Fleet Air Wing. The U-Boat fights back with a 3.7 cm anti aircraft gun and  two twin 2 cm guns. This print is the four signature edition signed by Karl-August Landfermann, Rudolf Muhlbauer, Heinrich Schroeteler and Helmut Witte all Knight Cross winners

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