Winters Welcome by Robert Taylor

Winters Welcome by Robert Taylor

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"Winters Welcome" a damaged B-17 on final approach during Winter with wheels and flaps down over the British Countryside in East Anglia. The roar of the engine's flushes two Pheasants from a hedgerow while farm workers in the fields look on.

The B-17 has been damaged in the tail by fighters over Germany and is difficult to handle. The Co Pilot works hard with the pilot to bring the plane in to the glide path as other B-17 stack up behind.

The print is signed by 4, B-17 pilots who flew combat missions over Europe, Alvin Brown, Robert Burns, Harry Munford and Medal of Honor winner Bill Lawley.

 Editions Available:

  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition

Print Size 34" x 25"


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