Wings of Glory by Robert Taylor

Wings of Glory by Robert Taylor

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A tribute to the Spitfire, a Mk XIX in distinctive D-Day markings high above the clouds. Developed from the Supermarine racing seaplanes with its thin aero - dynamic elliptical wings. The Spitfire was an elegant and very efficient fighter. In testimony to the soundness of the original design, the Spitfire remained sleek as the Me109 added bumps and cowls in an effort to gain more performance.

At the outbreak of war, the RAF had only nine squadrons of Spitfires growing to nineteen as the Battle of Britain commenced.

Wings of Glory is signed by 3 RAF Battle of Britain aces, Neville Duke, John Freeborn and Basil Stapelton. The print is also signed by Alex Henshaw the Vickers Chief Test Pilot who flew 2,360 different Spitfires during his testing career.

The "Battle of Britain Portfolio" includes the main print and two companion prints "Spitfire Sortie" and "Hurricane Victory" together with a soft backed cased copy of "Masterworks Collection signed by Robert Taylor. Hurricane Victory is signed by Air Commodore Pete Brothers, a sixteen-victory ace.

The "Artist Collection" includes everything in the Battle of Britain Portfolio together with an additional eight signatures on "Hurricane Victory" Frank Carey, Bob Doe, Roland Beamont, Moose Fumerton, John Peel, Bob Foster, Alex Ingles and James Thomson.

Editions Available:

  • Battle of Britain Portfolio
  • Artist Collection

Print Size, 27" x 21", Hurricane Victory 20" x 16", Spitfire Sortie 16" x 13"

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