Wellington by Robert Taylor - Multi Signed

Wellington by Robert Taylor - Multi Signed

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The Vickers "Wellington" was a twin engine long-range bomber, with an airframe designed by Barnes Wallis, Initially the Wellington was used as a long range night bomber until it was replaced by four engined "heavies" like the Lancaster. The Wellington used in multiple roles had the distinction of being the only RAF bomber to be produced throughout the War.

This is a rare multi signed copy with an incredible collection of famous RAF bomber command aircrew including five VC's and their leader Marshal of the Royal Air Force Arthur Harris. The signatures are:

  • Arthur Harris - Marshal of the Royal Airforce
  • Leonard Cheshire - VC
  • Rod Learoyd - VC
  • William Reid - VC
  • Norman Jackson - VC
  • Leonard Trent - VC
  • Bill Townsend - Dambuster 


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