We All Stand Together by Robert Taylor

We All Stand Together by Robert Taylor

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In 1940 a small band of RAF fighter pilots took part in the greatest arial battle in history. The RAF pilots of Fighter Command although heavily outnumbered and dog tired fought the Luftwaffe to a standstill averting the threat of invasion. A very heavy price was paid but they were triumphant.

The print illustrates Spitfires of 616 Squadron scrambling from RAF Kenley on the front line of the Battle of Britain. On the ground are Hurricanes of 252 Squadron who shared the Airfield.

The "Collector's Edition" is signed by 33 Battle of Britain veterans. 

The Remarqued Edition includes a further 10 Hurricane and Spitfire pilot signatures for a total of 50. This edition also comes with the signed matching numbered book Portraits of the Few.

Editions Available:

  • Collectors Edition
  • Collectors Edition Artist Proof
  • Remarque Edition with book

Print Size, Collectors 20" x 12",  Remarqued matted 24" x 23"

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