They Landed by Moonlight by Robert Taylor Remarque

They Landed by Moonlight by Robert Taylor Remarque

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Flying Lysanders the RAF's special duties 161 Squadron flew into France to deliver secret agents, collect French Resistance leaders and downed RAF pilots. It was a hazardous duty completed during the full moon with good visibility. Landing without lights guided by masked torch lights into remote fields. The print is signed by four pilots who flew with 161 Squadron, Hugh Verity, Lewis Hodges, Len Ratcliff and Murray Anderson.

The print is also signed by Francis Cammaerts from Belgium who joined Special Operations Executive (SOE) after his brother was killed in the RAF. Francis Cammaerts was flown into France by Hugh Verity to join the French Resistance. He was an outstanding leader and went on to lead thousands of well trained and armed Resistance fighters in France. These were invaluable in disrupting German supply and communication lines before and immediately after D-Day.

The Remarqued print comes with a book by Hugh Verity chronicling the clandestine operations "We Landed by Moonlight" and a companion print" Special Duties"

Print Size, 30" x 24" companion 17" x 14" 

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