Final Show by Robert Taylor Double remarque

Final Show by Robert Taylor Double remarque

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The Final Show by Robert Taylor features Pierre Clostermann in his Tempest ‘Le Grand Charles’. The Tempest is an unusual subject for RT, it was an improved derivative of the Typhoon with Thinner wings, greater range and a better all round visibility canopy. The Tempest was one of the most powerful low level intercept fighters late in WW II. the fastest single engined propeller driven fighter but also very capable in the ground attack role.

Wing Commander Roland Beamount had overseen the transformation of the earlier Typhoon into the Tempest. In May 1944 he led the first three squadron of Tempests formed as 150 Squadron

This print has been double remarqued by Robert Taylor to show Pierre Clostermann downing an Me109, print number 1/10.

Print Size, 34" x 24"

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