Eagles Divide by Robert Taylor

Eagles Divide by Robert Taylor

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By early 1945 the Allies have achieved total air superiority over Germany, the Luftwaffe is on its knees. Massive heavy daylight bomber raids continued, now concentrated entirely on Germany. The Luftwaffe was confined to making desperate runs against the bomber streams which were quickly chased off by large numbers of escorting Mustang P-51's.

The print portrays Luftwaffe Me109's inbound to attack the heavy bombers being meet head on by P-51 escorts before they can get to the bombers. As they converge, they divide.

The Collectors Edition print is signed by Luftwaffe and USAAF fighter pilots, USAAF - Jim Brooks, Herschel Green, Bob Goebel, Art Fiedler. Luftwaffe - Hugo Broch, Heinz Marquardt, Oskar Bosch, Karl-Fritz Schlossstein.

Print Size, 32" x 24"



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