Tangmere Wing by Robert Taylor

Tangmere Wing by Robert Taylor

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Douglas Bader who lost both legs in a pre-war flying accident led the Tangmere Wing. The Tangmere Wing was named after a village in Sussex, England close to the coast. The print shows Bader and his wing heading out over the channel cliffs in 1941. 

Following the Battle of Britain, the previous year the RAF and Luftwaffe on the Western Front met regularly over the English Channel and Pas de Calais in 1941. The Luftwaffe opponents were often JG 26 led at that time by Adolf Galland the fastest rising star in the Luftwaffe. Based out of Abbeville, know to the RAF pilots as the Abbeville Boys.

The print is signed by four legendary RAF pilots, Douglas Bader, Johnnie Johnson, Hugh (Cocky) Dundas and Ken Holden all of whom flew with Bader's Tangmere Wing

Print Size 26" x 20"

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