Struggle For Supremacy by Robert Taylor

Struggle For Supremacy by Robert Taylor

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Even into 1945 when it was certain Germany would lose the war, the Luftwaffe fought on with determination against incoming USAAF heavy bomber missions deep into Germany. The print illustrates  P-51 Mustang of the 357th Fighter Group on escort duty engage a determined Me109 Luftwaffe fighter defense over the Rhine valley in early 1945.

A dogfight has developed drawing the Luftwaffe pilots away from the bombers. These engagements lead to the grinding down of the Luftwaffe until almost complete air superiority was gained by the Allies

The print is signed by both US 8th Air Force and Luftwaffe Aces.  Bud Anderson, Ernest Bankey, Donald Cummings, Gunther Rall, Helmut Ruffler and Hans Weik.

The special edition print one of only 100 signed by Chuck Yeager comes with a photo showing Chuck signing the print. Chuck Yeager did not sign many prints this is one of them.

Editions Available:

  • Chuck Yeager signed Special Edition
  • Artist Proof
  • Limited Edition

Print Size, 32" x 24"

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