Strike and Strike Again by Robert Taylor

Strike and Strike Again by Robert Taylor

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Late in the War after the Kriegsmarine Submarines had been driven from France and were vulnerable in Germany they hold up in the Norwegian Fjords. The Fjords became the home for most German warships, submarines and merchant navy.

The Fjords were often very narrow 200 - 300 yards across with cliffs rising 2000 feet, covered with anti-aircraft guns. Coastal Command job was to go after the shipping often hiding under overhangs in the very narrow Fjords. This made3 for difficult and dangerous flying not for the timid.

The print shows Beaufighters of 455 Squadron RAAF exiting a Fjord at speed having delivered a withering rocket attack on moored boats. Through this period 455 Squadron continued to pound the Fjords with great skill and courage. The Squadrons motto was "Strike and Strike Again"

The RAF Victory in Europe Edition and the Remarque Edition are signed by seven RAF pilots and crew who flew Beaufighters.

The RAAF Commanders Edition Artist Proof is signed by nine RAAF pilots and crew that flew the Beaufighter. This edition comes with a companion print "The Viking Boys" signed by a further three RAAF pilots and crew.

The Publishers Proof Edition comes with a matted copy of "The Viking Boys" with an additional two signatured in the matting.

Editions Available:

  • RAF Victory in Europe Remarque
  • RAF Victory in Europe Edition
  • RAAF Commanders Edition Artist Proof with companion
  • RAAF Commanders Proof Edition with matted companion

Print Size, 34" x 23", Viking Boys matted 22" x 18", 

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