Spitfire Over Darwin - Robert Taylor

Spitfire Over Darwin - Robert Taylor

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The bombing of Darwin by Japanese aircraft in February 1942 bought North Australia directly into the Pacific War. The line against Japanese air attack was initially held by the USAAF 49th Group transitioning through Darwin on its way to Java.

Churchill recognizing the danger of a Japanese invasion transferred three Spitfire Squadrons to to Darwin in the Summer of 1942. They were joined by Australian pilots who had proven themselves in combat in North Africa and Malta. 

Known as the "Churchill Wing" led by the legendary commander Clive Caldwell the Wing gained total air superiority downing more than 100 Japanese planes. The Japanese withdrew and the attacks on Darwin ceased.

The print is signed by four pilots who flew Spitfires out of Darwin, Bob Foster, Ted Hall, Alex Henshaw and Don Maclean.

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