Schweinfurt the Second Mission by Robert Taylor

Schweinfurt the Second Mission by Robert Taylor

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The second mission to the Schweinfurt ball bearing plant which became known as "Black Thursday" With over 400 B17's and B-24's again taking heavy losses from the 400 waiting Luftwaffe fighters. The print shows B-17 Equipoise piloted by Kemp McLaughlin leading the fortresses of the 92 Bomb Group.

The round distance was 920 miles, 370 miles without fighter cover due to lack of range. As soon as the fighters turned for home, the massed Luftwaffe fighters struck. It was carnage with the 92 Bomb Group alone losing 60 fortresses and 600 men.

The Limited Edition Artist Proof is signed by three pilots who flew the B-17. The Schweinfurt Edition is signed by an additional seven B-17 pilots and crew.

The Commemorative Proof Edition adds thirteen more B-17 pilots and crew signatures. It comes with a companion print "Black Thursday" signed by Adolf Denz who flew an Me110 in defense of Schweinfurt.

Editions Available:

  • Limited Edition Artist Proof
  • Schweinfurt Edition Remarque
  • Commemorative Proof with companion print 

Print Size 36" x 23", companion 21" x 14"

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