Return From Schweinfurt by Robert Taylor - Double Remarque

Return From Schweinfurt by Robert Taylor - Double Remarque

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Led by the great strategist Colonel Curtis LeMay, 147 B-17's of the 8th Air Force Fourth Wing headed for the Messerschmitt factory at Regensburg and 230 B-17's of the First Wing hit the ball nearing factory at Schweinfurt.   Given the importance of the targets and their distance inside Germany, the crews knew they were in for a fight on the return run.

On the return flight a desperate air battle followed, concentrated on the returning B-17's from the raid on the Schweinfurt bearing factory. Over 200 FW190’s and Me 109’s inflicted terrible damage on the 230 B-17 bombers returning from the raid of which 60 were lost. This day became known as "Black Thursday"

The print shows a heavily damaged B-17 trying to stay in formation while being stalked by Me109's. The print is signed by Colonel Curtis Le May, this is the only print certainly by Robert Taylor that Colonel LeMay signed. It is also signed by Hub Zemke, Adolf Galland and Johnnie Johnson.

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  • Double Remarque

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